WWE Friday Night Smackdown Videos to observe on Your Computer Or Laptop

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For the people looking for WWE Friday night Smackdown videos to view on their PC on laptops, there's 2 ways to do it. You can go for PCTV cards or sat tv software. Both solutions allow your computer to stream live satellite channels over internet.

Somewhat history lesson, WWE Friday night Smackdown is organized by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It started airing on UPN in 1999 and instantly became just about the most watched programs on the globe. It used to be aired on Thursdays but moved to Friday nights in 2005.

The show will be returning to the TV screen on 3rd October 2008. MyNetworkTV will probably be airing the weekly event now round with a big gift to wrestling actions fans: It'll be showing Westlemania on TV on 2nd Oct.

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Fans may have WWE Friday night Smackdown videos to watch on PC via 2 avenues:

1. PCTV Card

This hardware streams live sat tv channels from the internet, also comes in USB or PCI/PCI Express card version. For maximum portability if you are using laptops, choose USB ones. Additionally, it takes away the hassle of opening up PCs.

2. Tv Software

This software basically will the same thing as PCTV cards with one distinctive difference. No involve any external hardware. What you need is only a PC, whether it's desktop or laptop, and an internet connection, whether wired, wireless, 3G, 3.5G or whoever else.

Both solutions cost users a one-time fee only. There's no monthly subscription and no pay-per-view fees. Satellite TV software is cheaper (no more than $50) and offers a large number of channels to choose from.

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